December 14, 2008

Snowbird Christmas Party

Yesterday was crazy to the tenth degree. This past week I canceled three shoots because of the "promise" of bad weather. So of course, nothing developed from those storm warnings, obviously.  When I woke up yesterday to another impending storm announcement and traces of clouds in the sky AND a big complex shoot.... I decided to ignore the warnings and go for it.  I figured, even if it snowed a little, we'd be fine.  No..not so much. Full-on blizzard and so many people to move in and out of buildings I wondered when everyone would just pack it up and call it quits. We did make it through  and ended up with a fun and tremendously exciting shoot.  Thanks to all who participated and a special, super "thank you, what would I do with out you" to Tina Moleni and my assistant Sila Falatea.  

The snow storm incapacitated our babysitter for the night so last minute I had to emergency dial every potential baby sitter on our list...(which is 4 names deep). With luck, we ironed that out and headed up Little Cottonwood canyon to Snowbird. It was a freaky ride.  The road was barely visible and 5 minutes up the canyon, I was wishing we hadn't even attempted the trip. 

I have to make public note of abundant handle bar mustaches making their appearance at the M.O.A. Christmas party.  Not absolutely sure how that developed as the standard attire for the night, but honestly HANDLE BAR MUSTACHES??.......all I'm saying is: Freddie Mercury folks, Freddie Mercury.

Everything worked out, we had fun with everyone and made it home safe and sound! BUT...just as I was posting this entry, a breaking news warning just flashed across my other monitor that there has just been a avalanche at Snowbird..... Imagine that??


Rina said...

Just saw you on Kristy's blog.
LOVE your work-- it's beautiful.
I so need to schedule something.

I've been thinking for awhile now...since that time we were both freezing at church...that I'd like to get to know you more.

YAY!!! I'm your VT now. Good for me--hopefully you too. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey HOT STUFF! Love the Coat and the hair! Lucky you, you got to go Par-Tay! Abe and I stayed didn't end up going that nigh... Sad for me. Oh well, at least I got some MAC makeup out of it!

That day sure was CRAZY!!!! Had a blast with you and Tina though! GOODTIMES!!!

OMI said...

Rina! I'm realllllly glad you are my VT!! Thank you for coming by! You're the best!

Anonymous said...

Awww I'm so sad I missed out! It looks like you guys had tons of fun! That's too funny about the "handle bar mustaches"! LOL Like always "job well done Omi!"

OMI said...

so glad you guys are home. We missed you and the party was fun...the raffle was cool...just wish I'd got my number called before the 50 people,,or maybe it was 100...