January 8, 2009


This is the commercial that H.Y.P.E. has put together. I nearly cried watching it. Great work Anapesi and gang..(and by "gang" I mean a synonym for "group" of lovely people...lol).  It was such an amazing time working with them, and seeing the great desire so many have for the futures of youth everywhere.  THANK YOU!


Alicia said...

Wow. Thanks so much for sharing that!

The Finau Family said...

Love the commercial.. I've been a big fan of HYPE since it started..

Anonymous said...

You're awesome Omi!!! Thanks for supporting the hype!!! I'm looking forward to working with you again next week! Take care! And see you then! Love ya!


Mama Pula said...

Hi Omi~

I came accross your blog from flippn' thru one of my girlfriends blogs...and became really interested after seeing your beautiful photography! A little eery I have to say in a good way, because in your about me section on your website, it explains your beginning to doing photography, and it sounded almost identical to my conversation with my husband a few weeks ago and my own love for photography!...I'm always searching for the best photographer to capture our families photos every year. and never thougth twice that I could be doing this for myself one day!

How did you get started??...you have put a new tune in my head and have motivated me to definitely do this.

We really need some great photographers here in Kona!...Where are you based out of, your work is so fresh and clean and so my style! Good luck to you,


Mama Pula said...

HI Omi~

Okay so I just caught on to our dinner development thing below...WOW...that is so awesome and I wished that I lived nearer so I could attend...SHUCKS...I've noticed others have asked if you do anything via internet etc???

I'm sure your a busy mommy too, My blog is pulafambam.blogspot.com, I just actually posted today about YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY, and what a complete ephiphany I had....otherwise I do have an email, it's keerspula6@hotmail.com

Aloha, again