January 6, 2009


Once upon a time I was in love with Scott Sorensen.  He was younger than me by a year, but it mattered not.  I was 8, and he was 7.  Somehow.....I got the idea in my head that he NEEDED a picture of me...HAD TO HAVE ONE.  So in my choice of picture options, I carefully selected what I thought was "me at my best" and sent it to him through a friend, of a friend, of a friend (the myspace of the 1980's), who assured me it would make it to the 1st grade hall.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!
Later this same week, while sitting in the back seat of our car, while my mom filled up gas, I learned a lesson I will never forget. She (my mum) softly cleared her throat and said..."Honey..."so n' so" from work mentioned that his son came home from school with an 8x10 picture of you."  I think she was curious and humored, but I was dumb struck. MORTIFIED.  It was the first time it had occurred to me that the 8X10, although a beautiful picture, might have been over doing it, that the kid...having never spoken to me in his life would surly show his parents....and that picture WAS my mom's only 8x10.. since we all know the photo package only comes with one.

So folks, Firstly: any picture larger than your hand is too big for non-family members, especially your crush, especially when you are 8 years old. Secondly:  teach your daughters this rule of thumb as soon as possible and Thirdly: IF YOU NEED OR WANT LARGE CANVAS PRINTS, I CAN HELP.
I have searched high and low for a high quality canvas printer.  AND I HAVE FOUND ONE!!  I hung the print I picked up today on the back of one of our doors so you could get an idea of size.  They come in many sizes (larger than an 8x10 that is) and are "GALLERY WRAPPED" like fine art, ready to hang.  They are beautiful.
I do not sell my images by file or by print, because those images are your memories, not mine.  I want you to have them.  I  hope, pray....beg that you take my advice and print your memories professionally, hang them on your walls in your home in your offices.  
PRICES                                 16x20  $160.00 (this is the size of the NYC picture)
                                                    20x30 $175.00
                                                    30x 40 $255.00
Turn around of these bad boys is Fast..with a capitol "F"!!
If you are interested please contact me.  The purchase options will be available in the OMIPHOTOSTORE.COM

A special thanks to my sister Irene, for drudging up my painful memories and humiliation, with the funny stories about my niece's elementary escapades!


ma'elePHOTO said...

Your NY pic is AWESOME!!! Makes me SO want to take trip that way! Good pricing BTW. I've wanted some canvas's for my walls. I NEED to begin my collection!

LOVE the work.

Puanani said...

How cooool! And omg, that was a funny story about your 8x10 of long ago :).

Aloha said...


Hali said...

That picture is really cool!!

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT post! LOL. Loved it! Thanks for sharing... That pic of NY is the coolest. I need some canvas for my walls.

RINA :) said...

So cool!

sanaejames photography said...

your story reminded me of my experience with a boy in 1st grade who sent me a BIG picture of him with a box of chocolates and a huge bouquet of flowers for valentines. He was a little stalkerish, so it wasn't really the same scenario as you...but nonetheless brought back the memories...ha..ha...the canvas looks amazing. I'm thinking og geting some done soon--I love the 20x30 sizing...anway, as usual...loving your stuff. and to make a long post longer...I will make it to New York someday...:)

OMI said...

THANKS A BUNCH SANAE....feeling really good about my story now..lol! What the heck are these first and second graders thinking?? Hey at least I just came up with the picture.....YOUR friend surely had some "MOMMY" help. Hopefully, through his shame, he got some game. I sure did *wink*

The Finau Family said...

I cant stop laughing at your story.. Man the things that happened to us in elementary.. A book should be written.. LOL..
Love the blog Omi.. I've been with the flu most of this holiday season.. So happy new years to you and your family.. I will send the payment thru this week, hopefully I'm still on the list..