January 13, 2009


I apologize this has taken me so long to post. I have no excuse but the lack of a few important organizational skills
Here are the details:

 Four times a year, I organize a teaching event for people who have have contacted me during the quarter interested in learning about photography.  It is an opportunity to shoot side by side myself and other photographers.  It will be hands on learning and you will build a wonderful network of friends. I love doing this because I learn best "hands on" and know that many of you feel the same.  It will be a three hour session.  I have hired models, will bring props, and will provide lunch.  It will be so much fun.  You will need a camera (and it does not have to be fancy. I PROMISE!).  Be prepared to get involved, relax and have fun.  We will cover many topics:  Light, posing, equipment, style, processing, etc.  All your questions will be welcome!  (There will be no studio lighting is this session...that will be included in the winter section)

HOW MANY PEOPLE?  I am splitting up into two groups:  A.M. session 9am-12pm and a P.M. 5-8 p.m.  session.  The A.M. will consist of people who have not attended a DINNER DEVELOPMENT.  I will only be taking 6 people in this group.  The P.M session will be open to 12, all who have attended a DINNER DEVELOPMENT class.  I wanted to add that if you have paid for a Dinner Development in February you qualify for the discount! 

PRICE? The A.M. will be $150.00 per seat
                    The P.M's Dinner Development Attendees will get a discount, and will need to contact me via e-mail to get the discount!


I will list the seats as they are purchased.  You will have 24 hours to pay your invoice or you will forfeit your seat.  EMAIL ME AT OMI@OMIPHOTO.COM to sign up and hold you seat.  These are non refundable, and will not carry over to another session, so PLEASE be sure you can make it!  I LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING and WORKING WITH YOU!

ALL SESSIONS ARE FULL 1/16/2009: I am waiting for only a few payments and I will wait another 24 hrs for finalization on these accounts....

Contact me if you are interested in attending because you may win out a seat that didn't close their invoice out in time!  THANKS EVERYONE!!


Anonymous said...

baaahaha geez me and nick must be related cuz thats all i tell my husband to give my kiddies lol

Mama Pula said...

Ughhhhh...first off totally wish I could be there right now to attend, secondly SPRITE is the cure all...LOL..we use it the same way and you know what my family did the same!!! Funny...do tell me your plans for April in HI..


Andee said...

Omi, I would LOVE to attend one of your group shoots! This is exactly what I need to help my photography...some hands on learning! I see that you are all full. If someone drops out or if you do this again in the future, please consider me:) I love your work. My contact info is andeet8@gmail.com