January 29, 2009


LITA......(msagato@hotmail.com).  She has won our little give away this afternoon.  Just for fun Haven wanted to pick out the "runner ups."  In this order: Tori Nichols, Sepa Sete-Hafoka, Ruthie (my sister).  You don't win anything guys, but hey...it's pretty cool to see you guys were...oh soo close!  LOL!! Lita...e-mail me the address you'd like me to send your BARNES & NOBEL card and I will get it out to you!  Thank you all so much for your support!  40,000 visits really isn't that much, but the fact is when I started this blog 9 months ago I had three people visiting daily.  Me, Myself and Mom.  I am appreciative of every single comment, and every person that has given me encouragement!  THANK YOU AGAIN!


Lita said...

Oh wow I never win anything! I'm so excited! Thanks Omi and Haven:D

sepa said...

thanks for giving me some consolation, haven.

seeing my name on this wildly popular blog takes me back to days spent in smokey bingo halls. i'd eagerly wait and wait for my one last number to be called, only to be startled by a determined shrill in the distance. "BINGO!" someone would scream, as my one last number sat unluckily in the monitor. so close indeed.

thanks always for letting me play, omi. and congrats on your good fortune, lita!