February 12, 2009

Jazz vs. Lakers...+ Omi

As some of you know my husband's company gave him a few court-side tickets to the Lakers vs. Jazz game last night. I came along to see all the action. No....I'm not going to lie, I came along for the VIP members only buffet, but got a second helping of action to boot.

Apparently, there is an elevator that takes you to the lower levels of the stadium where people stuff their faces with prime rib before, during and after the game. WHO KNEW??!

President Thomas S. Monson, happened upon our happy group while in the elevator. I have to say I was quite surprised. It was like seeing your 2nd grade teacher at the grocery store. Totally appropriate, just a little unexpected. I overheard a guy next to me mumble to the beer in his hand, "I'm such an idiot?" lol!!

The game was amazing. Jazz won on a clutch three point. I nearly died getting pushed over the row of seats in front of me due to a shoving match that broke out and dominoed down. Seriously, Maile and Oto...you guys saved my life. All I can say is that when I got back on my feet I was just glad all eyes were on the fight and the only people who saw me go over were the two that caught me from falling. Hey...y'all know NOW..., but at least no one SAW it. It was ugly! The kind of ugly people don't forget!

I'm coming down with a heavy cold, and I've got to get to bed! Ny-quil take me away!


Hali said...

You cant just say your rode the elevator with the Prophet and leave it at that... Did you talk to him? Who was with him? Was he wearing a suit? I have lots of questions. =O)
Love you,

OMI said...

I didn't talk to him. A few of his grandsons and his body guards were with him. He was wearing a suit I think....He had a long winter coat on, but I can't imagine him in a jazz t shirt. He was kind, and looked tired. You have to just love him.

Anonymous said...

Go JAZZ!!!! You gotta love it baby!

Oh Omi, the fall... I've seen my fair share of falls. YIKES, not cute!

Unknown said...

What a GOOD game to go to. Looks like fun. I really hope that he is a Jazz fan because I'm sure he could pray for the team it would create miracles. Go Jazz...but more importantly Go Buffet.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so Mandy told me she was at the Jazz game with Lyric that same nite. I thought when she said it at first that you guys were together but I guess not. I saw that it was a good close game on the news. Did you see Rick?? I was so out of it when you called that day. I was sick of having sick kids. lol! You'll have to tell me how things went with your Vegas trip. It sounds as if you've got the same bug the girls had. Hope your over it...luv...me!