February 17, 2009


Hey ya'll! Sorry about the lull in blogging. I've been crazy busy having fun in Vegas. I can't tell you how much I've learned and how many amazing people I have been able to meet. Well....I could but then it would seem like I was bragging, and then it wouldn't be as cool as it really is, and believe me.....SOOOOO cool! I'm so tired and miss my babies more than I can stand. There are still two days left of the conference, but Nick and I are going to head home tomorrow morning. My cold isn't getting better and my brain is on overload as is, so once I get a full day rest I will get back to the good stuff! Thanks for your patience! Did I mention that I miss my kids?? Does anyone have a teleporter......I need to kiss and hug them before I can sleep?? Anyone?? Good Night!


sepa said...

omi, good to hear you guys made it there safely, even with your cold. you're a trooper for even making the trip. if i could beam you guys home or the kids there, i would. safe returns. xox

Aaron Willcox said...

Naomi! Hey, there. It was great to meet you in Vegas this year. Wow, amazing photos girl! Keep in touch!