March 4, 2009

FOR EVERY CHILD.....too many beautiful families!

I got to spend a few moments with each of these wonderful families. I was truly moved by the lives they have elected to live, and the hope and joy they are giving to their beautiful children. ALL of their children! Thank you for inspiring me to a better way! I want to be you when I grow up!


Anonymous said...

How come my black and whites never look as good as yours?! It's because you're you and i'm me! lol. I need to come over and bring the laptop to load your phone up with music and have you school me on some more ps! Love ya!

Maka said...

Beautiful work once again!

Nichols Family said...

Ok, so I'm leaving you a comment. ;) That's all. Great talking to ya!
PS: Our plans changed and we're going to be in Utah Easter weekend. By chance if the fam. wants to do picts. are you free that Fri, Sat, or Mon???