March 1, 2009


PLEASE WATCH! My little sister told me about this video a few weeks ago, and I just didn't find the time to look it up! Well, I happened upon it tonight and I was laughing until I cried and then got so giggly I couldn't even explain it to Nick. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!


RINA :) said...

LOL! OH my heck, I just woke my husband up from cracking up :) I'm definitely going to have to steal this one! hehe Gotta love YouTube!!

Ok, seriously I need to go to bed now!


Hali said...

That was TOOO funny!!! Poor kid will never live this down! =o)


Marcoe said...

HAHA - I keep watching it over and over... maybe that's how Hali got dentist phobia.

Unga Fam said...

Okay FOR REAL...thanks for the laugh Om... I usually pass on the vidoes but today I really needed to laugh so hard I cried.
Love ya<
Nat Nat