April 10, 2009


Favorite COLOR: Blacklikedaddy.  I wasn't aware that this was a color...but it sooo IS.
Favorite OUTFIT: BVD's aka...UNDERPANTS (please consider yourself warned.)
Favorite MOVIE: HSM1,2,3, or HARRY POTTER 
Favorite FOOD: Spanish Rice from CARL'S JR (no lie)...OH does candy count?
Favorite GAME: Copying what everyone says in a robot voice, or serving it up with his mad skill break dancing
Favorite PLACE:  MR. CHUCKS...folks: that is Chucky Cheese's not CHUCK-A-RAMA
Favorite LINE:  MMMM Maybe.......NO!, or Sooo you love me or what mama?  Now that I think of it I think that was the line Nick used when he asked me to marry him.  LOL!  kidding... or am I??

On the morning of April 11th, four years ago, I cried myself all the way to the labor and delivery room.  It wasn't the pain.  Maybe the sleepless weeks leading up to this day were finally catching up, but mostly, it had something to do with my first born loosing the attention monopoly she'd been running for the past 2 years and not knowing how I was going to love another kid as much as I did my first.  If you haven't had kids you won't understand this.  If you have only one...uh uh..you wont' either.  Have two or more?....Can I get an AMEN!

So he comes out with the biggest eyes I've ever seen in my life.  Totally reminded me of a new baby orangoutan...(seriously click this link...have a laugh, it's pretty dead on....yes..almost that harry too!).  BUT...I indeed loved him as much as the first....ffeeww, what a relief!

I'm feeling sort of weepy tonight, again maybe because the sleepless nights, but it's hard to believe he is getting older so quickly.  He is such a joy in my life.  If he sees something funny, he always comes to find me and to tell me word for word what happened, imitating voices and faces... the whole 9 yards.  What I love most about him is he always forgives me for my GINORMOUSE weaknesses, and short comings as a mother.  Thank you for helping me a better person for the last four years of my life, one day I'll get the hang of it.  I LOVE YOU FOXXY!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIDDO!


John Paul said...

Amen. :)

Valery G. said...

I can't believe that he is four! Time flies while you are having fun;o) Happy Birthday kiddo!

Hali said...

Happy Birthday Ryder!!

The Finau Family said...

Amen.. Growing up you think mom has a favorite until you become one yourself then you realize all of the kids are MOMS favorite..
Love the post Happy birthday to your son, he's a cutie..

Puanani said...

A-MEN! I totally remember that feeling when I was pregnant with Taimane! Luckily, we were built to have hearts that can continue to love unconditionally, with each new life we bring into the world :). Happy Birthday Ryder!!

K-C Tohara said...

Happy Birthday little man! Thanks for being a great buddy to Rayce

Irene Masina said...

Happy Birthday Little Foxy....we love you sooo much!! Seems like yesterday we went to see mama at the hospital. Thanks for a great day Omi....I hope you get some sleep tonite. Luv ya!!

Unknown said...

Now that totally brought tears to my eyes. Maybe from all the sleepless nights too, but for reals... lil boys are soooo much fun. I love the proposal liner, too.

RINA :) said...

AAAAMEN to that one sis! I too thought I could never love any one else as much as I loved my oldest :) I couldn't have said it better than Pua...Happy Belated B-day!