April 5, 2009

LUNATIC FRINGE 4th Annual Hair and Fashion Show

I'm about to call it a night, but I wanted to thank my amazing team for all their hard work tonight. I really felt the earth move. Life is so unpredictable. The path to your dreams is never paved! THANK YOU SILA, K.D., JANAE, and ANGEL, and all the amazing crew at LUNATIC FRINGE. A bazillion images to come!


pwincessdi said...

Oh I love Lunatic Fringe!! Angel is soo good at what she does, and her bf Jah is amazing too!! If you are looking to get a great cut, color & style I reccommend them all the way!! Can't wait to see the pics! :)

Tuikolovatu Family said...

You get the funnest jobs those pictures are amazing. Is saturday still on for the workshop?