April 28, 2009


I LOVE....that most of Honolulu is one big 70's Kung Fu movie looking set.
I LOVE....Thai food on Nu'uanu street in Kalihi....but NOT their bathrooms.
I LOVE....that Motsumoto makes bank but never redoes anything, not even the pictures.
I LOVE....7-11 
I LOVE....that it's the most beautiful place in the world and two steps from being 3rd world.
                 (FYI the bathroom at the Thai food garage in Kalihi is 4th world).
I LOVE....mochi ice cream....bubbies, raspberry white chocolate.
I LOVE....Ling hi mui ANYTHING, pickled mango, and rock salt plum.
I LOVE....Mcdonald's eggs, rice and Portuguese sausage meal.
I LOVE.....my grandma, who doesn't remember me, but acts like she does most of the time.
I LOVE.....how Jeans Wear house clothes look cute on the hanger but NEVER fit right.
I LOVE.....Ted's Bakery Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie.
I LOVE.....Hawaiian Cowboys. (go dad!)
I LOVE.....that roosters woke me up at 4:ooa.m.
I LOVE..... pancakes, cream puffs, and Chantilly frosting at Liliha Bakery
I LOVE.....that I can wake up at 5:50am and not feel tired and go for a walk on the beach.
I LOVE.....that I'm in bed and sleeping by 10:00 p.m.
I LOVE.....how brown Golden got from head to toe.
I LOVE....Hawaii drivers.
I LOVE....MAHALO instead of THANK YOU. YES Bronwyn, people use that word in real life.
I LOVE....The Hapuna Prince Hotel (and my Auntie Shari :))
I LOVE....that Nick thinks Hawaiian history is Fairytailish. i.e. he questions my sources.
I LOVE....that you can ask a Walmart worker where the musubi presses are located.
I LOVE....the way Kona airport surroundings look like a real bad road pavement job.
I LOVE....how Hawaii radio stations aren't even scared to play the same songs over and over.
I LOVE....that once you get on the radio your song will get play 20 years later over and over.
I LOVE....that the workers at Foodland grocery store still know my name.
I lOVE....that I still have a Maika'i card.
I LOVE....the swapmeet
I LOVE....that no matter how long I am away, Hawaii is still my home.



Jen said...

I've never had the pleasure of going to Hawaii, but I LOOOOOVE musubi!! I even have my own musubi press, thanks to Rina :) I blogged about it not too long ago...

sepa & kalani said...

and we love how nick looks like a buff giant standing next to you, in hawaii. :)

luv u guys!

Leti Purcell-YoungYen said...

Amen to Motsumoto's--I've always wondered the same thing but that is a must EVERYTIME we go back home! Love the Melona flavor. Oooh and Ted's bakery has the best Chantilly cake in the world. LOL@ 7-11, that is seriously Uela's favorite place besides the shrimp trucks! Sis, you also forgot Sam's store and it's pake cake. lol I need a vacation!

kanaboke said...

I LOVE..that you can use an outrageously loud mu'u mu'u and rubbah slippahs to church and people won't even look twice! They're just glad you came.

Reading this post made me super super homesick..thanks for posting!

Kassie said...

Love this post. We just got back from Hawaii too last week. I LOVE macadamia nut pancakes at Hukilau Cafe and I LOVE the fact that I don't have to dress up in Hawaii and can wear flip flops all day and my swim suit. I LOVE that it's paradise and feels foreign but STILL the U.S., I LOVE that even if you own a shack, your landscaping is the most beautiful thing in the world, and I agree with you on practically everything else :) LOVE your pics, I wish we had booked my pregnancy photos for Hawaii, now THOSE would have turned out beautiful on the beach and sunset :) xoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

pwincessdi said...

I love the pics you take...you are soo talented! Hawaii is beautiful and you can't go wrong with any pics from any angle there!! Love your post, and pics!!!

Dasl*it Photography said...

Although I'm not from Hawaii but I still want to play..
I love... The Food
And that is why?.... LOL

Norma-Jean said...

I love...
hair up in a bun=everyday life
hair up in a bun with chop sticks=dressed up
that red, yellow and green are the unofficial state colors
kamaaina discounts
food from busses and trucks
fine dining=two scoops rice mac salad xtra shoyu
fresh coconuts
mcdonalds taro pie
bentos galore
freely roaming chickens
being everyone's "aunty"
having SO many uncles and aunties!
when you honk your car horn, people shaka
hugs and kisses for EVEYRONE!
kids go bare feet to school
no daylight savings
all the PCC tourists are from Utah :)
garages are tarps
black tie event translates to aloha shirt and slacks
and of course everything on your list!
thanks for your post, that was fun :)

OMI said...

OHHH good one guys!! I'm like...OH NOOO I din't forget Taro Pies, Hawaii formal wear, buns, hukilau cafe, KING'S HAWAIIAN SWEET BREAD (although I can get that at Harmons...) and Romy's Shrimp Truck!

THANKS so much....mmmm I'm hungry.

lindaballoutalkingtoyou said...

I love Hawaii becuase it fills me up with love and good energy. I am heading to the Big Island for a healing holiday in June. Can't wait.
Wai-nani, High Chiefess of Hawaii

~Paluvava'u~ said...

I LOVE....the manapua truck man:)

Everything else that has already been listed...and one more reason..

I LOVE....LIVING HERE!!! :) :)