May 3, 2009

Warner Family -Alki Beach, Seattle

Some how today.. I lost my voice. I lost my phone. I lost my pictures of the Warner family I was going to post.  Nearly lost my mind.  I found my phone, re-edited the blog post and am still in possession of my mind.  Dear Voice,  Hello....?  Are you there?  
When taking pictures, light is so important.  If I'm shooting in a new city, I have to calculate sunrise, or sunset, weather and season.  In Hawaii, I thought 7:00am was  early enough to miss the harsh sun.  Nope.  So for extra precaution, In Seattle I found out the actual time of sun rise and had Leti, the Warner family on the beach, ready to shoot, at said time.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize the fog doesn't burn off until mid afternoon.  FORTUNATELY, my new best friends, the Warners, borrowed Leti and I coats and warm hats to keep us from freezing in our shorts and flip flops.  When we said beach shoot....I wasn't prepared for "that" kind of beach.   burrrrrr.
So I think Tahiti is a polynesian version of Christie Brinkley.  If I were taller I think Tahiti and Mapuana could totally be my sisters. AND...I'm not saying that I'm the possible version of the sister of the polynesian version of  Christie Brinkley...........or am I?  LOL!
We had such a great time.  I got to show Leti why I love what I do!  Warner family, thank you for the fun morning.  Thank you for the coats and hats.  Thank you for inviting us to Seattle.  We LOVED getting to know you! 


Puanani said...

Omi, these are GORGEOUS!! The much-anticipated Warner family pics were well worth the wait! LOVE THEM!! I agree about Tahiti being the Polynesian Christie Brinkley - these pics of her are beautiful!

Mapuana Reed Mataele said...

I LOVE these pics. They were TOTALLY worth the wait. My husband thinks I'm crazy because I would get up at 3:30am just to check if they were up and I would tell him all about you and the shoot. I told him that 300 people visited you site in just 2 days...he told me 100 was me, 100 Tahiti and 100 was Pua....LOL. And yes my can totally pass as our sister. I have the same pic but from Tahiti's camera and Im gonna frame it to hang in my living room. Thanks so very much to Miss Pua for hooking us all up together.
LOVE LOVE TO ALL OF YOU. And you too Leti... Im doing my family shoot in Cali end of July....lets all get together again girls...they go out after :) Come on Leti and Pua...come to Cali :)
Love you guys,

Unknown said...

THANK YOU OMI!!! The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! Yes Mapu was kinda crazy about waking up at 3:30am to check but by the afternoon she was all tired!! I think the 300 hits on your site was me Mapu and Pua oh and Rose too...LOL...THANK YOU, We have found our Photographer for LIFE!! There are no words to express my gratitude! I can't wait to be there for Mapu's in July. BTW...The Christie Brinkley comment? Uh I think you should be in front of the camera cause you are Beautiful!! Polynesian Christie Brinkley sisters here we come!! LOL... A million Thank you's, Tahiti and Family

The Finau Family said...

Beautiful photos Omi.. You are the QUEEN.. And YES you could be a sister.. The family is beautiful and the mom is gorgeous.
Love it

Alicia said...

What a Beautiful Family! Omi, again - AMAZING JOB! I want to be you. Well.. I want your talent (there. that sounds less pycho/stalker ish... hahaha):)

Brittney Hale said...

Hi- I just got my email from the J* workshop and saw you will be attending as well-YAY! you are from utah right? me too. curious if you were up for a roommate? look forward to meeting in june... ive been a long time fan of yours- your work is amazing!

Monica Cachu said...

Wow girl...your work is rocking. Can't wait to meet you in June with J*.

Unknown said...

So I totally thought that she was your sister. LOL!!! Gorgeous

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