June 29, 2009

Gabe Reid

If you know Gabe, it won't surprise you at all that I had to google his name to get specifics about his career. He's not the kind of guy that talks about himself, even though he's a very remarkable person. Gabe played for the Chicago Bears after graduating from Brigham Young University. More importantly than what he "did", is what he is "doing." Gabe is highly involved in his community, volunteering and serving anytime he can. but MOST importantly he also works as my nanny 911! LOL! Thanks for everything Gabe!


SERIOUSLY...this is how it happened!  If I'm perfectly honest, which I aim to be, my daughter had said she wanted my sister to win, and MIRACULOUSLY pulled out her name.  Can you say REDO!!?  Ruth, Haven owes you some make up just for that.  So we redid it and this is what happened! 

I shot this on the new 5 DMARK II.  I think this is the coolest new feature!  I LOVE being able to get footage of the kids.  The only issue is that you can only record in very small segments and takes up a whole-lot-a room!  


June 28, 2009


One thing about love is that it is TRANSPARENT.  You can't hide it where it exists and you can't create it where it doesn't.  The first time I saw Afton speak Zach's name, I knew she was, hopelessly, recklessly in love.  It beamed through her eyes and rang in her voice.  My only hope was that he loved her as deeply.  He does.  Undeniably.  With out question.  
I fell in love with how wonderfully beautiful, talented, and kind Afton was.  Remarkably Zach is her equal in every way.  He is dazzlingly handsome, fun, sincere, and incredibly talented.  Love, becomes them!  
Thank you Zach and Afton for creating one of the most memorable shoots of my career.  ALL MY LOVE!

I wanted to post these two clips, because I LOVE them!  I showed my whole family!  We are soooo your biggest fans!  Not just because of your talent, but because I KNOW how wonderful you are inside and out! 

June 26, 2009

100 + FOLLOWER give away!

I just realized I got my 100th blog follower today and wanted to celebrate with you all! I aprieciate every single one hundred and one of you who hold my virtual hand on this journey! I'm in a "make-up mood." I love LOVE LOVE make up! So, fittingly my favorite store is SEPHORA. Comment on this post and Haven will randomly pick a winner on MONDAY, June 29th @1:00p.m. Winning prize is a $50.00 gift certificate to SEPHORA.COM. Guys...enter anyway and give the gift to your woman, your sister, your ma'ma. I promise they will love you for it!
So comment, enter and win....stuff to make you prettiful! HAVE FUN!

CONTEST CLOSED AT 1:00PM MONDAY JUNE 29th @ 77 comments!

(I have to wait for my lucky picker to get out of school...POSTING winner @ 4pm)

Private First Class Isis Ah chong and Baby Brynmor!

Isis is a beautiful, young single mother, who is also a U.S. reservist called to duty in Taji Iraq. Little Brynmor is blessed to have such a courageous and brave mother.  I can't help but cry a little for the sake of all mothers world wide who sacrifice so much for their children.  Brynmor and Isis have a loving, supportive family that will hold these two together during her year deployment across seas.  Thank you Isis for your service and for asking me to photograph your beautiful little boy and document the love you share!  WE LOVE YOU!


This talented group of personalities are the hosts and DJ's of URBAN PACIFIK MUSIK, a 24 hour online radio show.  Their passion and focus is to promote and give exposure to the talented Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae with the Polynesian twist we all know and love.   

We had such a challenge with this shoot because of the weather.  It was a full on "Dorothy, we ain't in Kansas anymore" storm.  Because we had been unable to shoot in the bad weather earlier in the week, we had to get down and dirty, and do our best.  Okay so now you know what OMIPHOTO is about...wind, rain, or snow. 

Don't hate me Dex, I had to post.  I LOVE YOU!  Thank you RUDY, JT, DEX and especially Miss Sheri!    You are headed on to do great things!  I'm 180% behind you guys!  

June 25, 2009


Can I tell you I am so thrilled that I was asked to be interviewed live by Richard and Anapesi of the PACIFIC EYE RADIO SHOW. Can I also tell you I sort of feel like throwing up because of all the butterflies in my stomach. Seriously. Part of me thinks it would be horrible if no one tuned into listen because of an earth quake in West India....the other part of me thinks it would be horrible in EVERYONE tuned in because of the 89.9% chance I say something super lame, but really true. The hosts of the show are fabulous and they'll get me through it. RIGHT guys? And you'll all be there. Right! THANK YOU!

So listen live tonight PACIFIC EYE RADIO SHOW

June 22, 2009

G.I.F.T.E.D. Football and Education Camp

Growing up I was dragged all over this blessed country just to watch my brother play football.   I mean, I'm sure you can imagine how hard it is on a teenage girl to HAVE to hang around a bunch of football players every weekend.  LOL!  
But for real  I TRUELY... LOVE football.  Every fall when the leaves start to change there is a smell and crispness in the morning air, that gets my heart pumping.  It was such a part of my life that even now when I don't get out to watch live games, I still love the affect of the football season.  (wink, wink)
I was honored to be asked to shoot this monumental camp last week.  G.I.F.T.E.D is a free football and education camp that was organized and funded by a group of outstanding former and current NFL players.  I can't say enough about how amazing the camp was.  H.Y.P.E. and P.A.L.E. put in a huge volunteer effort along with terrific community members and parents.  
It was a pleasure to meet so many people who care about our kids and their futures.  Everything is a choice in our lives.  If we can teach our kids that, they will be able to overcome and achieve greatness because everyone of them has the potential to do so.
Thank you G.I.F.T.E.D, PALE, and HYPE for serving and sacrificing for the betterment of the kids.