June 10, 2009


Truth is: Fiction is more entertaining than reality...well...not really. I just thought about it and I'm TOTALLY wrong. Truth is: Nothing great comes about without A LOT of work. Here is some of the "work" and "workers" behind the runway show.
Hey Sila, I see you lookin' all hot with a camera! P.S. this does not give you permission to show pictures of me shooting like a mad woman.
For a view at the FICTION 'click'

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Anne Elisabeth said...

Hey Naomi,

Great capturing of all the work behind the scene!

I saw this video on youtube and I thought of you instantly, i think this may be good for you to listen to through everything you've been through..
I Just got a blogspot myself! So you can follow my devolopments and maybe comment every now and then with some PRO insight haha.

Anne (Elisabeth)

ps. i really hope you remember me haha