July 19, 2009


Adeaze is the New Zealand chart topping R&B group, comprised of brothers Nainz and Viiz Tupai. I shot them during their Island Groove performance at Abravenel Hall in Salt Lake City this past Friday. When you hear their recorded harmonies it's hard to imagine that anyone could really sound that amazing live. Truly, they do. Thank you Nainz and Viiz for the beautiful gift of music you have given to all of us.

I wanted to give a shout out to Ben Moa of Rockwell Watches (and the Miami Dolphins), for his fashionable gift to the artists. Click the link to check out their new watch line.

Click here to see an Adeaze video


Kiki Fangupo said...


Anonymous said...

The first shot is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Can I get one of those watches?! lol

Poutua said...

These guys are amazing! Wish I could have heard them live!