July 31, 2009

Wilson Family -Little Corona Del Mar, Newport beach CA

I am on my way to pack and sleep, but I really wanted to get this post up before I leave to Hawaii. The Wilson's are such and amazing family. I am so in love with them and all their extended family. I have already made plans for my youngest to marry into this family, via cousin so that our families can always hang out. No joke....Golden is in an official arranged marriage. As crazy as the shoot was trying to sort out all the families waiting to get their pictures taken, I had such a fun time, the location was amazing and we all spent the next night relaxing at the fair listening to amazing music! LOVE YOU ALL WILSONS!!! Can't wait to see you again!


violetsky photo said...

Beautiful family! Beautiful location! Love #1 and #3. Those are my favs. Oooh I really need a beach right now. :) Great job sis!

Dasl*it Photography said...

What a beautiful family.. Great pictures Omi thanks for sharing..

Rachey-Foo said...

i love the beach as a photo shoot location. it always seems like the perfect spot. such beautiful family pictures!! :)

Oto said...

Omi, you truely captured the beauty of this family! I especially favor the ones of Natalie!!!! Love love love them!

Lanea Wilson said...

Thank you for a great photo shoot. My family thinks you are amazing! That was a crazy day - and yet there's a serenity in your pictures that wasnt felt during the shoot. You are awesome! Thanks for taking on the whole Lutali clan! I can't wait to see everyone elses pics!
Love you,

Liani said...


Beautiful pictures!! I've got to agree with Lanea, with all the juggling of all our lil' families and almost getting wiped out by the tide, there's a calmness in your pictures that are AMAZING! you Omi, are AMAZING! thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to capture life long memories of our family!


Unknown said...

Omi, these turned out awesome! Just like my sisters said, you captured such a calmness when it was so chaotic that day! LOL Thank you for taking the pictures for all of our families. You know I love you girl! Finau sends her love to Golden!!

Anonymous said...

all your photos are phenomenal! What a beautiful family in lots and lots of white!

sepa said...

beautiful job, omi!

nea, our love to you and family. you guys look picture perfect.

Marisa said...

Omi,your work is truly amazing!! I have to agree with my sister in laws you captured such a calmness you could't even tell there was sooo much more going on behind you.LoL! You did a wonderful job with all of our families.I am so thankful to you and Niki for doing this for all of us.You just don't take pictures,it's art, you bring out our personalities through your photos and at the sametime your love and creativity shines through your work.No matter how crazy it was that day it was a memory that all of us (Lutali Family)will have and look back and laugh.I can't wait to see everybody else's pic especially the BIG family photo.19 grandkids and 12 adults,up and downs that our family.


P.S. Lanea loves her Aunty Omi and looking on your website.You made her more of a "Diva".