August 14, 2009

Aupiu Family 2009 -California

Another beautiful family in the books! Meet the Aupiu's!! I am almost caught up. Thank you for your patience and giving me time to get each of your family shoots up guys. I will be so relieved to get back to a normal 2a.m. schedule. I can't wait untill we can see your family again, get another yummy funnel cake and drag our kids off the stage. I heart California!


Liani Aupiu said...


Thank you so much for posting these! Although I know you're super busy with being a well demanded (the bomb) photographer, wife and mother, I was starting to think "maybe we're just not worthy to be on your photoblog"...LOL :)! Thank you so much for shooting such great memories/art (as marisa would say) of my family. With everything going on that husband and I celebrating our 11 year anniversary, my poor baby AJ being fussy (ended up having an ear infection), everyone trying to get their perfect shot and bubba's slipper almost being washed out to sea (not to mention all our lil' ones...LOL) you managed to work it out and DO YOUR THANG!! I can't express how much I'm so grateful to you and the amazing work you do. This is my family's 1st photo shoot, and you've made it a memorable and enjoyable experience for every single one of us! We most definitely will have to book you again when baby gets a lil' older and of course after dropping a few pounds...ahaha (don't trip :p)!! But again...thank you, fa'afetai, Arigato, Malo...any way you say it, know it's from the bottom of my heart!!


bAbY aNi aupiu said...

aunty omi,
thank you for the beautiful pictures.i really like them.they are so interesting how you capture everyone's personality.i love how you can find the right angles so quickly.i love your style of photography it is so neat.there are so many words to explain you and your photos.i love these photos soooooo much.thank you again.=>
love always,
bAbY aNi

Marisa said...

Hey Omi!

You've done another great job!The kids also enjoy going onto your blog and seeing which family made it..LoL!

Ani & Vea's kids have beautiful smiles, so I knew Ani had nothing to worry about.

You're almost done with us.Thank you again!


Unknown said...

Omi these are absolutely gorgeous!! I knew these would turn out beautiful (even though Ani thought otherwise!). Very photogenic family!! I can't believe these 2 have been married for 11 years.....they still looking young!! Thank you again for more memorable pictures that our family will have forever. Love you girl!!

Dasl*it Photography said...

Omi what a beautiful family and of course what great pic's you have taken.. I am in AWWWH of your work everyday.. Love it

daveandsavani said...

hey thats family!! as always, your pictures are fabulous!!! thanks my making my sunday enjoyable =)

Anonymous said...

awesome awesome pictures :) the first shot is my fave. keep up the good work!

sepa said...

youth and beauty look lovely on each of them, especially liani. xox

Lanea Wilson said...

B E A U T I F U L ! Love these photos Omi! Beautiful people, beautiful angles, beautiful editing! Love them all! Thanks, Omi!