August 11, 2009

Filipo + Marisa and Baby Lanea

When I say...genes are good in this family, I mean genes are GOOD in this family. Beautiful little girls like this make a mama proud and make a daddy buy a security system. LOL! We started this shoot at the beach but the tide was coming in hard and threatening to wash our children out to sea, so we finished at the Shore Line in Long Beach. I could have gone on and on, with all the colorful walls, interesting locations, and pretty faces! Love you guys! Thank you for such a fun HOT day! Can't wait to see you up here in the fall!

Thank you Kalani for the help. Sorry I was in high speed nuclear drive the whole time! LOL!


sepa said...

everyone looks so handsome and in love. great job, omi. these were well worth the anticipation.

Kristy and Trey said...

Love the colors! I love the BEACH, the city that is! =) Lovely family. As always, beautiful pics!

jnlwilson8 said...

G O R G E O U S! I can't even pick a favorite, they are ALL AMAZING!

Inouyes said...

I luv it Marissa she is so CUTE got to be the REID!

Niki O2afi said...

Omi these are awesome! Marisa looks beautiful & you got my Brother to smile...LOL!! Can't forget about Miss Lanea, so photogenic & she definitely has the LUTALI smile.... :) Thanks again Omi!!

Anne Elisabeth said...

Wow, so pretty!
Love the colors!

Love, Anne

Puanani Tuiolosega said...

LOVE THESE PICS! AND LOVE Marisa! These are beautiful family pics Omi!!

Liani Aupiu said...

ooooooh, i like! you go omi!! these pics are awesome. my brother, marisa and mz. divalicious nea look stunning! great work, as always!

Dasl*it Photography said...

Love the pic's Omi.. your the queen..

IzzieGuire said...

Beautiful as always! I love love love Lanea's collage at the very beginning! The background colors are so fun & friendly!

Rowena said...

I thought I left a comment on this but awwww, I KNOW THESE GUYS! Great pictures (as always)..and look at Lanea? She's so grown now, too cute!

Filipo, you're looking exceptionally handsome and REE REE! I'm scared of you and your pretty self, handle your scandal!

My favorite is the action shot of you guys on the beach, LOVE IT!

Marisa said...


I've commented on everybody else's photos but not ours. Filipo and I just don't know what to say about our own,we're lost for words.And if you know Filipo and I, we always have something to say,especially Filipo.LoL!

They are AMAZING!We've gotten so many compliments from all over.Filipo even got stopped from a guy (his wife showed him)at work and told him how
beautiful they are.You know guys don't talk about that kind of stuff,especilly at work.Filipo thought forsure he was joking around.But he wasn't, he really was impressed with your work.

The pictures of Lanea,OMG! we look at them atleast 2-3 times a day.She is our pride and joy and you totally captured her "Diva"personality.We can't say enough.

We're looking forward to our next
photo shoot with you in the fall.Words can't express to you how much we love the pictures and how thankful we are to you.You've been blessed with such a beautiful talent.And we're lucky to have met you.You're not just a photographer to our family, you're Aunty Omi to all of our kids.They (kids) all love going on your website just as much as the adults.Thanks You! Thank You!

Alofa Tele,