August 14, 2009

Gavin and Isaiah

A few more!!!!


Liani Aupiu said...

these 2 crack me up :)!! my handsome nephews!! their mom/my sister kathy would be so proud of them. i love these!!

thanks omi!

Marisa said...

Great job.These guys are too funny.You can tell they had fun playing in the water by looking at Isaiah shorts.LoL!

Thanks Again,

Niki O2afi said...

I love these pictures Omi!! You definitely have captured the personalities of these 2 boys here! They are both so much like their mom Kathy! Ani's right my sister would be very proud of her 2 boys!!

bAbY aNi aupiu said...

aunty omi,
good job on these pictures.isaiah and gavin look soooo goofy but they still look great in these cousin would love them.=>
love always,
bAbY aNi

sepa said...

beautiful brothers. and the list of lutali heartbreakers just keeps growing and growing.

Lanea Wilson said...

Love the pics! Thanks Omi!