October 2, 2009


This good looking guy is Andy. He's single, as in "un-married"....single. I didn't clarify if he was single as in "no girlfriend" "yes girlfriend", so no one get mad at me for advertising his status and soliciting dates. LOL! Just playin'....he doesn't need any help from me. Thanks for being such a great sport. It's not easy to stand solo infront of the camera. Believe me, that is why I stay on the other side. You did great!


Sundy Watanabe said...

Love these! They so make me smile.

IzzieGuire said...

Great pixs Omi! Love how the red door pops with his blue clothing!!! They're such strong colors that sometimes together they clash but I really enjoyed them in the pixs! Brilliant move! :)

Lydia said...

Awesome job, Omi! They're all so natural and look cool without being cheesy!