November 11, 2009


My bro Keli, working the dirty rocker biker look...the pants were a little PG-13 so I had to crop, but think...purple leopard print...and the opposite of loose.
Christy "the Queen of Halloween." The genius behind the party planning, and co-conspirator on the food project.
Mr. David Smith, my brothers best friend (since......he walked by our house in 3rd grade which resulted in a crush, the crush, not my brother,) working the dirty slasher rocker..with the ROCKSTAR drink shirt adding the mark of true authenticity.
The Farnsworth's pulling off the "Grateful Dead" as only a TIMPVIEW graduate could.

Christy's brother Aaron working the Ted Nugent. I have to say I don't know much about Ted Nugent, but apparently he did a good job, since everyone guessed right.
Marci as the HOT MESS Courtney Love circa 1999. DEAD RINGER! Haven keeps asking me what's in your mouth Marci. I told her it was your straw. Good thing she hasn't zoned in on the hypodermic needle in your arm. Harder to explain that one.
Carrie, working the classic girl rock diva!
T and Josh, my brothers other best friends, channelling Brit and K-fed post meds, post marriage, pre melt down and divorce. THE GOOD DAYS.
And of course Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in the house. I may not be able to do a lot of things, but I can work the face paint. R.I.P. Halloween 2009, until next year!


Puanani Tagoai said...

SO cool! Halloween looks like it was a LOT of fun for you guys!!

RINA :) said...

Nice! Looks like a fun party! Your captions are so funny

K-C Tohara said...

:) sweet pics, Omi. Thanks for takin' them. You should start shooting for parties too. You have a knack for catching the moment :)

Unknown said...

hahaha! so good! I'm so curious to see the ones you took of Britney and her baby :P

IzzieGuire said...

What a fun Halloween! And all the delish food- so martha stewart.

Dennis Thomas said...

Awesome pics...

Looks like it was a blast, I miss the parties a ton!