December 2, 2009

Look who it is?!!

The Jolleys are the BEST!! YEAY!!


Anonymous said...

No, YOU are the best! Love the pics, the time spent with you and your girls! The pics are all amazing!!

Jen said...

Jen at one of your dinner developments: "I had a neighbor that is half Samoan who has blonde haired, blue eyed children."

Omi: "Really? I have a neighbor that fits that description! What is her name?"

It's such a small world!!

Your work is AMAZING Omi!!

Puanani Tagoai said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love these photos!! Hiroko & Troy need to do some modeling on the side :).

sepa said...

agreed: they are model material! nice shots, omi.

mbphotography said...

Hi! I am such a fan of your work! My sister Kathy is married to Nate Moleni and she told me about your site because I am a picture fanatic and take them all the time. Your work inspres me and I would love to go professional with this talent. I am just curious to what camera you use. I was just about to purchase a Nikon D200.
What are your thoughts? write be PLEASE on my e-mail. THANKYOU!

Mapuana Reed Mataele said...

Great pics Omi. LOVE this family!!!! Their entire family needs to do some modeling. They are all GORGEOUS!!!!