February 27, 2010

From Paris with XOXO

Day two in the most beautiful city in the world:  I woke up yesterday to rain and stormy skys and climed right back into my warm bed.  The time difference is a little hard to adjust to, but with no kids waking me up at night and a quiet house, I've had the best sleep of my life.  Our villa is beautiful.  It overlooks a golf course and even though we are still in winter, things seem so much greener than Utah, it feels like spring.  The storm passed and the sun came out.  We can open all the windows to a perfect cool breeze in the afternoon.  I've had a slew of really wild dreams.  I woke up in the middle of the night and forced myself not to go back to sleep, because I was scared I'd have the same dream.  If I explained to what my dream was, it wouldn't seem scray at all, but I was really scared when I woke up!
Paris is a lot like New York.  Once you figure out how to use the trains, buses and subways you can go anywhere.  It takes about 40 minutes to get to downtown Paris from our Villa.  Our first stop yesterday was just outside of the Moulin Rouge...we walked from our stop up to Sacre Coure.  We climbed up a massive set of stairs to overlook the whole city of Paris.  We ate our lunch on the steps of the cathedral with a mix of locals and tourists from all over the world,while being enertained with Bob Marley and Mana.  It was magical.  Teena was sitting on the other side of me and in trueTeena fashion was gone trying to commnicate with someone, a very cute local guy.  She spent a half an hour or so talking to him and knew no more about him at the end, than in the beginning.  So many people said that EVERYONE speaks english, I have found this TOTALLY UNTRUE.  I've tried English and Spanish and even a few French sentences and I get NO WHERE. It makes me laugh......people are so kind and try so hard to understand, but it's like talking "baby." 
We left to the Louvre and due to our schedule for the rest of the trip I had to litterally run through it. When I come back I vow to spend at LEAST one whole day just in the Louvre.  We got a glimps of the Eiffel Tower glittering and then headed home.
We are just now getting ready to head out to the shoot.  Our location has changed, so we will see how it goes.  I'm so excited.  I've been shooting constantly and still feel like I haven't even started to capture the slightest bit of how AMAZING this whole experience has been!  Wish me luck!!!  Bon Jour ALL!!!

February 24, 2010

Bloggers BLOCK

Dear Friends...
I have tried more times than I'd like to admit to get out of this little funk I've been in. BLEH. So here it is the quick and dirty of the last month or so.
My husband was laid off a few months ago.  That started a little tail spin for our family.  He's been a wonderful provider and as much as my business has grown and developed, I have never had to support our family.  I had this amazing freedom to build a business with out any stress of a financial bottom line.  It was easy to say no to jobs and arrange my schedule around my children.   Suddenly my work and income mattered and woooshhhh my world was flipped upside down.
Compounded with issues stemming from my run in with the Great Seattle Bandit.....blogging has become soooo difficult for me.  I was getting by with posting my work and not too much personal stuff, but I missed feeling connected to my wonderful blog followers.
So...here's to a NEW BEGINNING.  I am riddled with questions about where my life is going.  I have no answers.   If I've given you any advice...you better get a second opinion.
I leave to Paris in the morning for a wonderful shoot at Versailles.  My husband is leaving to help an American company start-up in Cebu on Monday.  I have no idea what lies in the future, but I know it will be great.  It will.  I. KNOW. IT.  I just have to figure out how to get through the next 7 days.
So.... as I ramble on for for the next few weeks........you can hang around for some great pictures.

Here is my attempt to get back on the wagon!  This little lovely is BABY OMI.  She is PERFECT!  What can I say!!?

So anyway...if you stayed with me this long and read all of my run-on sentences, bad grammar and misspelled words...the you deserve a GIFT!

and You may win a TRE CHIC
name and email 
S'il vous plaƮt
(I will pick a random winner when I get home)


February 10, 2010

I miss....

I'm not exaggerating....
or bragging
for that matter

due to my inability to think straight.
I apologize for the 
content on my blog.
I will screw my head
back ON
and I will start explaining why 
are crazy
besides how lame I am.

ME for being boring..and not posting
make anyone feel better

Cass and Daniel...