March 27, 2010

Trinnaman's = Family

Before I fall further behind...I am forcing myself to post. Laura and James Trinnaman are two of my heros. I really do love them.  Last year they were a family of 9.  What everyone didn't know was there were two more children waiting in Haiti, ready to join their family.  It was a long slow process that was suddenly fueled by the terrible tragedy that struck Haiti.  For Every Child adoption agency has been busy flying loads of food and supplies into Haiti, and by some miracle, while others have been kept out or held up at the airport, they have been able to get food, water, formula and other necessities in and out to there precious children.  Bless you Laura and James for being so wonderful and bless all your beautiful children.  They are still the most well behaved group of children I have ever met.....and that's saying something with those numbers!  LOVE YOU!!

March 23, 2010

Paris in my dreams.

I took French for YEARS...I mean, more that 5, into college and beyond.  I then...spent a short 18 months in Ecuador, became completely fluent in Spanish, resulting in a total de-wiring of any French connections made during the previous half decade.   Beyond the conjugations I may or may not have teacher spent hours talking about the historical monuments and sites of France.  That actually stuck and how grateful I am now to Mr. Stumphy for the many...many...many, many, many bad slideshows on the beauties of Paris.  The real thing was much better.  It was like walking through a fairy tale.  Sometimes you can look back on your life and think "Hey that was a great moment in my life"  and sometimes you know you're  LIVING a great moment.  I walked around amazed all day, freezing to the bone, then I'd go home and defrost in a hot bath, fall asleep in an amazingly soft bed and wake up in a dream.   J'ADORE PARIS.

March 18, 2010

Spring Bride, The Beautiful Cassie

Yeah...Can't wait for Saturday!!

March 16, 2010

Winner of the PARIS give-a-way and INTERVENTIONS

Miss MENA!! You win! YEAY!  Haven is having a hard time excepting that this bag was not meant for her collection.  I've promised her that she will live, and will to find comfort in the 40 other bags in her closet.

WHEWWWW.  Okay, so that wasn't so hard, but it took an intervention to get me to pick the winner and post.  Actually it took an intervention to get me the h@#! out of my sweats.  It took an intervention to write a list of things that I ABSOLUTELY have to get done.  This blog is the result of an intervention.

In life, you should find yourself lucky to find ONE friend that will drag you out of the house, when that's the last place you want to go.  I have such a friend.  I actually have a few such friends.  They call and tell me that we should go for a walk, or drop off cookies for my kids spotlight day.  Sometimes they bring dinner and don't bother to ask me where the other pots are from the OTHER times they brought us food...because they know I have NO idea where to find them.  They say..."GO have a girls night out." and force me out of the house in my orange jello stained sweats, and no make up.  They tell me humiliating stories about skirts caught in panty hose, and haul my kids off to play here and there.

This hand holding isn't necessary, well... "they" may disagree, but I still swear I'm making way, and managing my life albeit messily, and ineffectively.    I do not have the words to thank my devoted, thoughtful, beautiful friends.  I only hope I have enough love in my heart to one day follow their footsteps of kindness through out our lives.

Tonight, I'm humbled by the greatness of my life.  There are those times when it feels like I'm a widowed mother who gets kind dreams of her husband every night via phone and video calls.  How grateful I am to know that in my weakness and embarrassment I truly have the kind of support that brings out the sun again.

Thank you!

March 13, 2010

Outside Halls of the Louvre Palace, Paris

One thing I regret about my trip is shooting on the fly.  We traveled in a big group and were nearly always in a hurry.  All day long we took in the sites of Paris at break neck speeds.  Sometimes I found myself shooting and walking.  So lame.   Looking back I wish I would have had the time to really slow things down.  I took hundreds of pictures, only to get home and wonder why I didn't shoot the lavender outside our villa, or the door knockers in the village  near our bus stop....(and on and on.)

I'm sitting at home, when I should be in a hundred different places.  Snow fell all over the beautiful spring crocuses flowers this morning.  It's all a little too depressing for me.  I'm calling it a snow day.  I guess if you need me I will be at home, with my hot chocolate and bread.  I am recovering from the boys health check-ups and vaccinations.  I have put them off (shamefully), for years.  They've been healthy little guys, and I had a little wrestle with  the "vaccination debate"..... but all excuses aside,  I'm a chicken.  I dread the idea of taking my trusting babies into the office, just to become  pincushions.  And there it is.  I've avoided it and because Nick is gone, I think I'm trying to make myself crazy and do all the things I was scared to do, like the dentist, get shots, you name it, I'm on it.   Ryder's check went smoothly, but Golden, fell off the swivel chair on to his face two seconds into the room, and got a big shiner.  The shots were as terrible as I thought they would be but the chaos only lasted for about 5 minutes.   After that I felt like I had slayed the Kraken, totally traumatized, but pretty pleased with my "bravery". I wanted to go to bed for the rest of the night and so did my boys.  Ryder spent the night at his favorite place.  (anywhere that is not his own room.) and Golden has been a grumpy, sleepy little bear.  He got up today and played for a few hours, but knocked right out again.  I'm just sitting around wondering what to do with my day now that I've missed everything I was supposed to do and want to climb back in bed with my little grumpy guy. a harmonica really an instrument?

March 10, 2010

Half Fish/Half Fabulous

In a day he sometimes takes 4 baths. It's serious business.  He loves to just lay there and float in the water until it gets cold or he hears something more interesting going on. This post is for Daddy. We miss you!

March 8, 2010

Dentist and Phone Dates....

My kids and I took a trip to the dentist this morning. They both did amazingly well. I was worried because they both have had a dentist experience, and I was sure that I couldn't convince them that it was going to be a worry/pain free experience. Greatfully... It was fast. quick. nearly painless.
As soon as we got to the car I looked in the review mirror to see my son, slap himself in the mouth with the kind of force that would have impressed JWOOW (excuse the jooisy shoah reference).  I was stunned, but. worse.  He kept doing it, crying... I CAN'T FEEL ANYTHING MAMMA.  I caught him pinching his cheek.  It was so creepy.  I was worried about his and my mental health for the day.  He knocked out, and woke up a picture of normality.  (intervention avoided).

I am acutely aware that I have a give-a-way to announce, 
but I haven't picked one yet.  
It's super cute. 
 Straight from the red light district of Paris. 
 I think you'll like it. 

On the home front...I miss my husband.  Funny enough, we talk more with him thousands of miles away than we did when he was two feet away.  Thank goodness for Skype.  I'm not getting a whole lot of sleep, but I'm not going to complain.  The kids ask for him a lot and I hear him choke up when they ask "Daddy whhhhhenn are YOU coming home."  The answer:  we don't have an answer yet.

I've had an interesting week.  I decided to cancel my WPPI trip to Vegas, to be with my kids.  I think with so much going on for us, it's much more important for me to be with them. (for my sake).  I'm so glad I did it.   Truthfully I had a small stabbing moment of worry that I'd regret my choice, but I haven't at all.

 I've had some insightful conversation.  Some positive.  Some negative.  But, seriously...isn't all insight positive?  I am learning more and more that we interpret the "world" though the looking glass called "ourselves".  We give meaning to our experience based on how we relate to the world as an individual.  You are the source or your happiness and unhappiness.  If you love the world around you, you'll find your world filled with loving experiences.   If you are constantly critical, judgmental and mistrusting, you will also find your life filled with these experiences.  Who someone thinks you are is neither an indication or a truth.  What YOU think about others is.   So my motto for this year is "WORRY ABOUT YOUR D@RN SELF."  and you can quote me on that.


March 7, 2010