March 8, 2010

Dentist and Phone Dates....

My kids and I took a trip to the dentist this morning. They both did amazingly well. I was worried because they both have had a dentist experience, and I was sure that I couldn't convince them that it was going to be a worry/pain free experience. Greatfully... It was fast. quick. nearly painless.
As soon as we got to the car I looked in the review mirror to see my son, slap himself in the mouth with the kind of force that would have impressed JWOOW (excuse the jooisy shoah reference).  I was stunned, but. worse.  He kept doing it, crying... I CAN'T FEEL ANYTHING MAMMA.  I caught him pinching his cheek.  It was so creepy.  I was worried about his and my mental health for the day.  He knocked out, and woke up a picture of normality.  (intervention avoided).

I am acutely aware that I have a give-a-way to announce, 
but I haven't picked one yet.  
It's super cute. 
 Straight from the red light district of Paris. 
 I think you'll like it. 

On the home front...I miss my husband.  Funny enough, we talk more with him thousands of miles away than we did when he was two feet away.  Thank goodness for Skype.  I'm not getting a whole lot of sleep, but I'm not going to complain.  The kids ask for him a lot and I hear him choke up when they ask "Daddy whhhhhenn are YOU coming home."  The answer:  we don't have an answer yet.

I've had an interesting week.  I decided to cancel my WPPI trip to Vegas, to be with my kids.  I think with so much going on for us, it's much more important for me to be with them. (for my sake).  I'm so glad I did it.   Truthfully I had a small stabbing moment of worry that I'd regret my choice, but I haven't at all.

 I've had some insightful conversation.  Some positive.  Some negative.  But, seriously...isn't all insight positive?  I am learning more and more that we interpret the "world" though the looking glass called "ourselves".  We give meaning to our experience based on how we relate to the world as an individual.  You are the source or your happiness and unhappiness.  If you love the world around you, you'll find your world filled with loving experiences.   If you are constantly critical, judgmental and mistrusting, you will also find your life filled with these experiences.  Who someone thinks you are is neither an indication or a truth.  What YOU think about others is.   So my motto for this year is "WORRY ABOUT YOUR D@RN SELF."  and you can quote me on that.



Andrea said...

I am so glad that your kids and mine sometimes act the same way, I was starting to worry that it was just mine. :) I am sorry that you and Nick have to be so far away for an unknown amount of time. It is hard on the kids as well as the adults. If you need anything let me know. :) Hope you have a good week!

IzzieGuire said...

Dr. Robins- "You attract who/what you are." Oh & that story about your son smacking his face- crreeeepy!!! Glad he fell asleep before an intervention. Sorry about the distance! :( But glad modern technology is on your side. :)

OServices said...

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sepa said...

yay for skype & good dental visits!

Anonymous said...

I guess if I ever want to hit my self in the face, after the dentist is the time to do it! :) Love your you!

Corey said...

Skype is a life saver when traveling away from my wife and child.

Alicia said...

My husband's nemesis is the Dentist. I think Makoa has inheirited that.

All insight is positive, even if at first it may feel negative. Words of wisdom. Thank you for sharing such insight with us!

Have a wonderful day, Naomi!

Puanani Tagoai said...

♥! Glad the dentist visit went, ultimately, well! Amen - Skype is great :). And happy to hear you and the kids are doing great! Big hugs for all of you :).

Tuikolovatu Family said...

Hang in there Omi, my husband worked in Samoa for 10 months, the good news is that, that time in my life is all kinda of a blur. you do what you have to :)

Myrn Photography said...

"WORRY ABOUT YOUR D@RN SELF." - Amen Omz!!! You're doin an awesome job ;)

mbphotography said...

I am about to be gone from my husband for an unknown amount of time too. Last time we did this with our 3 kiddos we ended up talking more than when he was home.
Funny how things work out that way.
This time we will use skype too. Dentist trips are always interesting. Keep your head up and good call on the cancelation. You are amazing and wise!