April 7, 2010

Dan + Cassie = Married!

Wonderful family.  Wonderful friends. 
Thank you Dan and Cassie 
for the best evening!
Special thanks to: Sepa, Aubs, Anika, and Penny 
for the laughs, 
company and your wonderful work
Here's to a happy life and marriage!!


Mapuana Reed Mataele said...

Omi these are beautiful. What a beautiful Bride and beautiful pictures.

sepa said...

i LOVE!!! will always remember the good laughs from this saturday. can't wait for "our" next wedding. lol

Anonymous said...

Omi, this was the best day! Even with our grand tour of the east side...LOL! Cassie and Dan look great! Can't wait to work with you again! You are truly one of a kind!

IzzieGuire said...

WOW Omi~ these are wonderful!!! And I love how you showcased so many pixs in collages.

Anonymous said...

Pics are gorgeous...as always! Makes me hungry for cupcakes! :)

Rina said...

They look awesome!!

Shauna said...

i did the painting of the couple of one of their engagements you took...was wondering if i could use the pic that you took of my painting on my website? of course i will credit you for the photo...

let me know! thanks.