July 5, 2010

ESE and AUBS....poppy fields: Alpine Utah

This month has gone by far to quickly. I've been getting more and more behind with the blog, and once I get here, it's all down hill.  So a quick remedy to my down fall is to post.  JUST POST.  Tonight posting pictures doesn't feel like enough.  I feel like talking, but am too tired to actually talk.  I'm all caught up in my head and usually that just means I need a good nights sleep.  Good night all.  Ese and Aubs we love you both!


Puanani Tagoai said...

LOVE!!! These are PERFECT!!

3+Love~aki=Us said...

LOVE these two!! Some of the best people ever! I admire and am in AWE constantly of your work...WOW.

sepa said...

perhaps my favorite jungle fever couple of all time. lol! love these two forever!