July 9, 2010

Faith, Elton John, Traffic, and Mistakes

Today in traffic I caught an Elton John song on the radio while I was flipping through the stations looking for something to keep me awake.  For a few seconds, my heart stopped, my chest got tight and my ears started ringing.  It was like my heart had fallen into it's million broken pieces all over again,   something it hasn't done in ages.  Not that I have any special attachment to Sir Elton himself.  It was just a song.  Just a memory.  Something that used to mean so much to me.  Something that has been forgotten with the exception of a song or two.  It (the music) was my private reminder that it's all been worth it.  All of it.  Even the things that broke my heart.
Faith, my beautiful model above, is good at many things.... really great at a hand full of them, and dreams of one single thing.  She, like all of us gets nervous and unsure.  She doubts herself, and second guesses the changes and the decisions she's making to open up her heart and really go after the thing she really wants.   BUT...she is doing it!!  And I'll cheer her the whole way!
Most of us are scared of breaking our hearts on our dreams.  But it's so much better to have a dream, live for it and  fail, and fail and fail and fail again, because every single time we make a mistake, we correct our compasses and those adjustments lead to our destinies.  When we really try for something...when we really want something, we risk being hurt.   Fear can be overcome...and I'm no expert, I feel like I've come a long way.  I've learned that it's much better to make mistakes and find my way than to do nothing....especially when it come to our dreams.  -goodnight
Hair and make up credit: Angel Moleni


Mena said...

Thanks for that reminder Omz. And you know I ain't even gotta tell you that the pix are awesome (as always). Love you!

mandy said...

Thanks Omi:D Love you!!

Kiki Fangupo said...

these are absolutely fabulous!!! she's GORGEOUS!!!

sepa said...

so pretty!

yes again and again to new beginnings. xox

angel said...

ohh faith you beauty. I hate you. jk you know i don't. these turned out so well. I am so happy. You can be whatever you want to be. so go get em'.