September 23, 2010

Miss Mia

It's sad about flowers.  They have such a fast life.  Maybe that's what makes them special.  I guess it's sort of like when our little girls grow up.  You can't do a thing to slow it down, you just have to stop and watch them be beautiful.
Mia is smart like a book, and pretty as a picture.  I think you should come over and make cookies.


*Ruth Mullins* said...

Thanks Sis, I have to agree about everything. You should have her make you some brownies...she is pretty good at it.

Anne Elisabeth said...


sepa said...

pretty girl!

Reginald Sheppard & Christy Tohara said...

:) Cutie girl

Anonymous said...

I love my beautiful niece so much. You have really captured her spirit in these photos. I miss Mia and Sean very much and enjoy seeing there photos. Thank you for that. I love you Mia!