October 4, 2010

Royal. Sweet baby Royal

I had a crazy dream last night.  When I woke up, it took a few seconds to realize it wasn't real.  A few seconds later it was like it never existed, and I could barely explain it to my husband.  My life passes so fast, I fear that one day it will feel like it never ever really happened to me.  I heard someone say that if you don't keep a written record of your life, when you die, it's like a library burned down.  It's kind of the same thing with pictures.  I look at my kids and think I'll always remember what they looked like, but a few months will go by and I see a picture on my phone and think...HOLY COW!  is that my kid?  They. Have. Grown.  Don't miss an opportunity to capture life.  Write about it.  Capture it with images.  Hold on to it.  Live it.  EVEN ON MONDAY!  Happy October everyone!