October 7, 2010

Yellows. Greens. Blues.

I had no idea that kindergartners actually received any color but green.
His behavior book is starting to look like 
the Brazilian flag..
P.S...today's note said:
"not listening"
"saying inappropriate words"
I asked him about it
he said
"I was cutting the paper and it looked like a butt, so I told the teacher."
...(heavy sigh)....
P.P.S..Monday's note
not with that face.
Can't believe it.
                                                                 drawing credit: Sammy Winter
(Ryder's friend who he calls his cousin..who is not his cousin but IS his friend)


Andrea said...

I am so glad that I am not the only other mother dealing with stuff like this. :)

Puanani Tagoai said...

With a face like that, how could you get upset? :)

Janella said...

LOL too funny...omi, im catching up on ur blog, ive MISSED it...ure so talented n i used to spread the news about how talented u are...guess i better start again!!