December 22, 2010


I didn't sleep.
Not for days before the shoot.  
I've done wonderful work with all these girls and their awesome mother Kim before
and I LOVE them all to pieces
but this time...
it was NEW was the nationally distributed  Magazine DanceSPIRIT editorial shoot.
I was worried about 

the pressure.

the editors
the layouts
the composition
my hair
my breath

and then

it was magic.
Their TALENT is mind blowing.

I hardly remember the day, as it zoomed in a blur of excitement.
 one of the most amazing, and fun moments of my life.
Thank you:

Kate Lydon, Editor in Chief
Alison Feller, Deputy Editor in Chief
 Jo Dano Art Director
The AMAZING DelGrosso 6
My best girls...Sepa and Aubs for assisting
Angel and E on hair and make up!!

There are times when you face your dreams so directly
you forget it was ever a dream..
but it WAS.
From day one my goal was to shoot magazine covers.
I set a goal so high and so far fetched I even thought it
and it's not!  
PASSION for life and it's potential keeps me moving and stretching
and believing. 
O's so GREAT!

December 15, 2010

The Why.

Hello....? Anybody there?  
I asked my big brother if he saw "somethingorother" on my blog and he said,
"No, I stopped checking cause you never update it."  
....and that's how I lost one of my two readers.  
Writing is something I both resist and look forward to.  The TRUTH is I'm just NO darn good at it.  I mean..seriously WHO loses creative ammunition updating  facebook and tweeting? Me. On top of that... I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I'm nothing if not a bad speller.  That's just me.  So, if your hear and your still comforted..I do know when to use here and you're.  I'm just showing off my awesome potential. (Thank you for your phonetic reading skills. (You will need it at all times.)   Still, I'm a sucker for a beautiful picture, a great life, a good story, and a really, really, really bad day... and so I will continue pushin' on with the blog.

Plus, I have a truly personal reason for keeping a better, more detailed blog.  Last week I diagnosed my best friend, my DEAR sweet loving husband, with long AND short term memory loss.  I know- so sad, right?  No lie... I cried.  I'm like..."OH MY GOSH...I'm sharing my whole life, with this dude, who's not going to remember a true life event.  I'll be like... hey, remember when we went to Italy for two weeks, and he'll be all..."No, we went to Spain, right?".... and if I die, he'll forget my middle name and my kids will be like..what was mommy like?...and he'll say..."Mommy loved Kung Fu movies, and ice cream.  She was great."  YES, this breakdown was hormonally motivated, but nonetheless, I figure I better get some real info out there for family history preservation purposes.  Nick calls it a difference in perspective, but in his "difference of perspective world", we've been dating since we were 12.

One of my best girlfriends thinks it's obnoxious when people blog, facebook, and twitter about their lives, and then when people ask them about something they have made public, they are surprised that they know.  Actually, now that I think about it, she's probably talking about me.  Listen.  This is where I am...this is what a feel like saying and truly I appreciate you sharing the journey.  Feel free to comment.  Feel free not to comment...If I seem surprised that YOU know about my husbands memory problem...I'm not surprise...I'm just really happy you realized it too!


Just received New York's Dancespirit Magazine in the mail
to be distributed nation wide in just a few days
Check out the JANUARY COVER....

post more soon!

December 12, 2010

Down the Coast on Highway 1

I have a thing for driving.  It's like my zen time.  Nick thought I'd like to take the Pacific Coast Highway from San Fransisco to San Diego on our last family trip.  So we did and it took WAY longer than I ever imagined, and it was MORE beautiful that I had expected....but WOW.  For SURE... skip the stretch from Monteray to San Simon if you think it will get dark, or if you are prone to car sickness....OH, and use the restroom before you hit the downward wined.  So all you I-15ers, who think you've seen California and your experience is the empty desert road that you could drive with your eyes closed, you're missing out on the REAL deal.  It was like something out of my dreams.  A definite must! (when you've got no deadlines, and a day to just enjoy.)

December 9, 2010

December 7, 2010

December 1, 2010

Joe + Pam = Married, Ruby Hill Golf Club, Pleasanton CA

Thank you Escoto and Fotu family for such a beautiful wedding.  It was such a pleasure getting to know you all and celebrating this great union.  
All My Best xoxo Omi