December 22, 2010


I didn't sleep.
Not for days before the shoot.  
I've done wonderful work with all these girls and their awesome mother Kim before
and I LOVE them all to pieces
but this time...
it was NEW was the nationally distributed  Magazine DanceSPIRIT editorial shoot.
I was worried about 

the pressure.

the editors
the layouts
the composition
my hair
my breath

and then

it was magic.
Their TALENT is mind blowing.

I hardly remember the day, as it zoomed in a blur of excitement.
 one of the most amazing, and fun moments of my life.
Thank you:

Kate Lydon, Editor in Chief
Alison Feller, Deputy Editor in Chief
 Jo Dano Art Director
The AMAZING DelGrosso 6
My best girls...Sepa and Aubs for assisting
Angel and E on hair and make up!!

There are times when you face your dreams so directly
you forget it was ever a dream..
but it WAS.
From day one my goal was to shoot magazine covers.
I set a goal so high and so far fetched I even thought it
and it's not!  
PASSION for life and it's potential keeps me moving and stretching
and believing. 
O's so GREAT!


Puanani Tagoai said...

LOVE this post the MOST! You did it, and it ROCKS!! xoxo SO stoked for you, Omi!! You deserve this and more. Lots of love!!!

Anonymous said...

You've been Blessed with an Amazing Talent. Love it all & I Love Ya Gyrl. *Nofo*

F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

You are amazing! Thanks for your great example that shows us we can achieve our dreams if we dedicate ourselves and work hard! You are amazing!

sepa said...

love the video!

and ditto what pua said. keep reaching, mama. you've only just begun. xox

Kassie said...

You rock Omi!!! So do these pictures.. AMAZING and wow, what beautiful sisters.. they all look alike, I thought they were triplets, 2 different pages until I saw all 6 together..

pwincessdi said...

WOW Omi amazing!! I'm glad you kept pushing and moving up! Such an inspiration to many I'm sure! :)

Mapuana Reed Mataele said...

Omi... words can not express how happy I am for you. You deserve it mama!! GREAT GREAT GREAT job!! Great way to start of 2011. Bring it New Year!!

Anonymous said...

You amaze me. Mostly because you are honestly one of the most talented women I know, and yet, are so down to earth. I love you girl, love your family, grateful to know you guys!

Ashley said...

Amazing....simply amazing Omi!

Lita said...

Thanks for always breaking down the walls and inspiring me!!! Your work is superb and your journey has been amazing!!! Your a trailblazer in our community and I appreciate you immensely!!!

Aloha said...

that is SOOOOOO AWESOME!!! Congrats Omi!!!