December 12, 2010

Down the Coast on Highway 1

I have a thing for driving.  It's like my zen time.  Nick thought I'd like to take the Pacific Coast Highway from San Fransisco to San Diego on our last family trip.  So we did and it took WAY longer than I ever imagined, and it was MORE beautiful that I had expected....but WOW.  For SURE... skip the stretch from Monteray to San Simon if you think it will get dark, or if you are prone to car sickness....OH, and use the restroom before you hit the downward wined.  So all you I-15ers, who think you've seen California and your experience is the empty desert road that you could drive with your eyes closed, you're missing out on the REAL deal.  It was like something out of my dreams.  A definite must! (when you've got no deadlines, and a day to just enjoy.)

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F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures. You capture them so well. Love your work.