February 20, 2011

Ryan Tohara

I figured I'd post these before my Dad has a melt down.  My little brother is going to be in Tokyo Japan for the next two years.  My sister is currently in Kobe and will return back to us the same day my brother arrives in Japan.  When he was 11 I told him he hugs like Ken Barbie.  You know...Stiff arms that grip you like a crate lift, squeeze you a little and then let go.  It perfect he's going to Japan cause I'm sure he'll bow perfectly robotic!  Miss you Ry boy.


Judy Tohara said...

Hey Omi I love the pictures you are always the best. Your comment is so true and I miss those hugs. I even miss his teasing like grabing me and throwing me on the bed. Or hideing around the corner and scaring me to death.I miss my boy but glad he is where he is. He will grow so much. By the way A very Happy Birthday to you hope you are having a happy one. You are so choice and always close to my heart. You are such a special daughter and we are so thankful for you. Love ya always.

Anonymous said...

very handsome! good luck elder tohara

*Ruth Mullins* said...

Wow. He looks great. The one looks like it could have come out of a magazine. Great job Omi!!!