March 20, 2011

Haylee Roderick = Glee Dancer + High School Musical star

For a few months I've been working on this cover for New York magazine DanceSPIRIT. Part of the shoot was done here in Utah and the other in California.  I'm excited to post the printed issue I just received last week.... because it's fabulous.  It's an article about an incredible individual, that could inspire anyone.  Haylee Roderick IS the real deal.  She is a total rock star and I am proud to call her  friend.   I'm a huge fan of FOX networks GLEE, so for me it was an honor to meet and work with her.  She's a sweetheart and a total professional with a work ethic that could impress Ryan Seacrest.  She was dancing barefoot on twigs and with two left shoes at one point.  I can promise you that this girl will continue to to big things, and soon everyone will know her name and face.  (And what a pretty face it is!) Here's a clip of our behind the scenes. :: Behind the Scenes with Haylee Roderick. You can also pick up an issue for yourself  right here...  

A special thanks to:  
Alison Feller and Josephine Dano the brilliant editor and Art Director of DanceSPIRIT, 
Angle Moleni on hair, 
E and Averie on make up, 
Sepa and Aubs for assisting.


Myrna Matina said...

I am very much in awe of your work. I truly love your artistry!

Puanani Tagoai said...

LOVE THIS OM!!! So proud of you! xoxo Beautiful shots - all of them!!!

violetsky photo said...

LOVE!!! One of my many favorite shoots you have done. Awesome work. Any pull to get an extra part on Glee? Even if I have to get a slushi?! LOL