March 2, 2011

What goes around comes around....

I killed a cat.
or rather...the cat ran into my tire.
I never even saw it....It bolted from the grass right under the car...
I turned the car around to make sure 
it wasn't the dog belonging to the 
couple that thinks we can't see them making out 
in the grass
in the freezing cold 
in the dark

It wasn't.
Thank goodness!
Still pretty shook up, I asked Haven if she was okay, because she was in hysterics.
"...Honey, what's wrong?  Are you okay?"
"NO Mommy!  Now something bad is going to happen to us."
"What do you mean sweety?"
"You know mom.  What goes around comes around."
"It's okay sweety...that must have been one naughty cat."
I'm still reallllllly upset about the cat. 
The UP side...
Haven has a very clear understanding of Karma.
(or at least the street version)
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss and my most special Momma.



Puanani said...

lol! Haven is too cute, and Ryder is handsome as ever in those pics!

sepa said...

love those kids!