July 4, 2011

Dear World OUT THERE

I'm still breathing.  VERY WELL infact.  Deep full breaths.  I'm currently in a form of peaceful rebellion, setting things right in the world of OMI, reclaiming and setting new horizons one day at a time.  I have not been on the computer for more than a minute here and there for the past few weeks.  I have no idea what is going on in the real or virtual world.  No...twitter, facebook, or blog reading and THAT is a big change.  A BIG intentional, purposeful, powerful redirection.
A few months ago, my life felt like it was starting to run me....like in those bad dreams that you're sitting in the back seat, and you know you're supposed to be driving, but you can't reach the breaks or see through the front window very well.  Anyone???  I was literally giving so much of my life away,  I had little that felt like my own anymore.  So I stopped.  Cold. STONE. STOPPED.  I'm not going to write much tonight but I will say that I have found the desire and power to live in the present.

     Anyway....guess who we found out is allergic to cats?!  
The rashes cleared up before the fire works started.
The eye took a bit longer.
Welcome to the world of non-animal owners son!
P.S. - Mena, thanks for the benadrly.  


Anonymous said...

Love you Omi! I'm so happy you are doing well! your poor guy with the allergies...that eye looks horrible! We miss you something terrible here. It isn't the same without your family. Many hugs and kisses from me to you and your family!

OMI said...

Miss you girl!! I can still eat your cookies from my house....so don't forget me! LOL. Love you lots. We still need to do a late night food run!

Unknown said...

Love it. I disconnected for a few days and it was amazing. I need to try it for longer like you did. Glad you are happy!

Timena said...

Poor baby. I was so shocked when Lani brought him in. I'm glad he's all better now. Lol.