July 7, 2011

Mexican Riviera Cruise? Yes, I will.

Nick's company paid for us to go on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera.  Whatever right?!!  So cool!  Did I ever tell you I love my husband's company?  We've always...ALWAYS wanted to plan a cruise but it took too much ..you know "PLANNING".....and so we have just opted for something more familiar, like: California, Hawaii...Las Vegas.
This time all we had to do was show up...
OF COURSE my eyes were swollen from the 48 hour "leaving children"
ALSO..obviously I needed to loose my voice, like I always do when we travel.
and I couldn't pack until 2 hours before we flew to Long Beach.

My good looking travel partner.  Just after we got charged
$36.00 on an ATM fee.
Lesson: NEVER..NEVER get money from an ATM at Long BEACH port
Once we docked we went to the Lido Deck and waited for the porters to put
our luggage in our rooms.  A two man band played calypso and reggae..
I read...because I couldn't talk.   It was HEAVEN!
For Nick too...all you can eat ICE CREAM is one of the
pre determinants of Nick's heaven.  I particularly love the
man on the left...who had too many margaritas and couldn't make it to his room.
Book #1- AH-mazing.  BEFORE: not a HUGE JAY-Z fan
I mean, he's COOL.  The coolest!  But
besides his radio edited songs...which aren't really
that edited...I never heard a lot of his music, or knew
much about his life.
AFTER:  he's a genius.  Brilliant.
I feel like I got a private view into an amazing life:  A dark, twisted
REAL life.  
Our ship was the SPLENDOR...you know the one
that broke down and had to be towed back from Mexico for two days, with no 
air conditioner.  
DO NOT BEWARE:  It was such a great ship
The service was amazing.  I loved everything, aside from 
the shows.  They need to step up their shows.
First stop:  CABO SAN LUCAS.
It had been a little breezy and chilly on the way down, so I wasn't prepared 
for how HOT cabo was.  It's a hot, packed beach, with desert city coast lines and
sand dunes that stretch out for miles.  
Oh..my two favorite things....Nicholas, and books..
but Nicholas and BOOKS together.
=SEXY.  lol
Book #2 Amy Chua's Battle Hymn of the TIGER MOTHER
Book #3 Dalai Lama's THE ART OF HAPPINESS
Book#4 James Kaplan FRANK "the VOICE"
Did I mention that there is a library on board?
I got my voice back on the 3rd day.
Reading did not stop.
me...Yes I was there.  Here is the proof. 
Why...my husband hasn't learned to take a single photo with my
camera is beyond me.  I had 20+ pictures just like this..
We ported in Cabo for two days because apparently Mazatlan is getting too 
dangerous.  Cabo IS a party town.  It's beaches are full of people 
looking to ha e a good time. 
The people are amazing.
and I LOVED speaking Spanish
all the time.
It's one of the best things I can do. PERIOD.
Not Best, like I'm so good at it, cause I'm not.
BEST as in the most enjoyable.
Nick and I found the most amazing Cerviche.
It's technically raw fish. 
And YES we ate it right out of that cooler. 
Our rule is if the locals eat it....and rave
it's probably pretty safe.
We didn't get sick, but I'm not a huge fan
of eating on the streets.
Nick loves it. 
we searched for our friend the next day, but we couldn't find him. 
We hired a boat to take us to where the Sea of Cortez
meets the pacific ocean.  It was rocky...ROCKY!
We parasailed!  I got a little sick.  It was fun, not scary at all, didn't get
a drop of water on me.
We were so hot...so.. tired by the time we got on the boat.  
We showered, took a nap, got up for our sit down dinner, a few hours later
and then went dancing.  They had this amazing Colombian bachata band.  We 
looked for them every night.
(I say "looked" because the boat IS THAT big.  
It's huge.)
We danced ALL NIGHT...
went to bed...slept like babies and woke up in
And that my friends is
(oh and all the ALL YOU CAN EAT food EVERYWHERE.)
Puerto Vallarta is a larger city.  It's a jungle and it reminded me a ton of 
where I lived in Ecuador.
We wanted to do the Extrema Canopy excursion.
It's a series of zip lines, hike, waterfalls...all on the set of
where the PREDATOR was filmed.  It was sold out
so we hired someone from the port to take us.
WORST tour guide in the world.  
He tried to pick up a prostitute during the tour.  He kept 
talking about how hungry he was...AFTER his two hour break.  While
we were at the beach and asked for some of the fresh coconut my
friend had purchased at the beach.  I normally would
have fed our guide, but the guy was sooo creepy.
Nick eating...shrimp on the beach.
I was WAY against this.  The thought still makes me shudder.
This old Mexican man was selling these sticks of shrimp..and WHO knows how
long he was holding them and walking around the beach.  They were not warm. ICK!
The other pictures is ...like Nick's Mexican mini me! 
Crakin' myself up! 
That's exactly what Nick looked like when we first met at 18.
Ohhh and there he is! my man..Joel!
and the PREDATOR!
Frankly, both are frightening!
The zip line was amazing.  We hiked from ridge to ridge 
and rode wires down.  Being my first zip line experience
I'm not sure if it was safe...didn't feel safe sometimes...but
that might just be me!

Bottom line...best trip of my whole life.  We are taking the kids
next year.  I'm such a huge fan of:  Crusing, Mexico, and FOOD.


Nichols Family said...

Omi, I'm glad you had a fun time! Next time you're in Long Beach, hit me up! We're moving there in 2 weeks!

Unknown said...

So fun! Can i just say that you two look just the same as you did in school! What magic anti-aging potion are you taking? And the drunk guy is hilarious. I'm guessing he was as red as a lobster the next day ;-)

JAYEB said...

Such a cool trip!!! I miss reading your blog entries Omi!!! You rock!!!

Curriculum for Kids said...

Lovely trip i guess.And also a great photograpuy

Timena said...

Omi, the pics are gorgeous. Glad you had fun. And parasailing? Freaking awesoome!

Kiki Fangupo said...

wow!! super cool!!

Ella said...

So I almost chocked when I saw that picture of you that Nick took. SO freakin hilarious!!!! (I sympathise with Nick on that one, now many times have I had John explain aperature to me...? ...so as the number gets bigger the hole gets smaller and that makes the picture... uh... wait, what?) Looks like it was an amazing trip! Love your guts!

Dilys Pence said...

Great pics!! You had too much fun!! So, when are we signing my adoption papers so I can come along for the trip? ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the photos, and LOVE Nick's photography! :D Your parasail looks like it's smiling!

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