July 13, 2011


I'm about to head out to my Yoga class.  I went to my first class sometime in February.  I fell in love.  It wasn't so much about the work out itself (which I love), but about how good I felt after I finished.  Ironically I HATE stretching.  It hurts.  It's uncomfortable, and the improvements are very hard to measure, yet flexibility is so important to your muscles health.  Yoga is stretching but for some reason it's totally enjoyable.  I can let go of my stress and cares of the day and just "feel." It takes some getting used to, and believe me I do not bend and twist with any finesse, but I see progression every session, and it helps me sleep like a baby!  I was afraid to look silly when I started, but I learned everyone is so concentrated on their positions that nobody, I mean NOBODY is looking at you.  It's about your personal best.  Touching on personal best....check out this awesome clip of people giving it their all!!  I've always wondered why the funniest flubs look the most painful. I feel a little guilty when they make me laugh cause you know someone went to the hospital.  I'm torn.  Remember PAIN is a teacher.  Don't shun or hid from it.  LEARN.

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sionenkd said...

bahahaha this just made my day