August 22, 2011

The Cook Family 3.0

The amazing Cook family asked me to photograph their beautiful little addition! His name is Emmitt, and believe me... he is THAT BEAUTIFUL! On my way home from the shoot, nothing seemed more perfect than to have this kind of miracle complete a family...or in some cases keep completing it.  I have tremendous love and admiration for this family.  The faith and sacrifices that have fueled the search for their children is something that has moved me time and time again.  Thank you Chip, Lyndsey, Emi, Eli, and Emmitt.  I hope to see you grow in love and spirit year after year!


Ayesha said...

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Cool Math Games said...

Nice photographs, with a big smiling faces!

Cari and David said...

OMi, It is because of shoots like this that I want to do what you do. These are incredible.