September 16, 2011

THE.. Beautiful, ALEX CLARK..future face (and body) of VICTORIA SECRET

Alex is one of the most beautiful faces I've ever photographed.  It's actually really hard to go through her images after the shoot.  It may seem backwards but it's almost harder for me to select favorite images when almost every frame is amazing.  I do a full selection and then give it a day or two before I redo it.  I did Alex's 5 times.  Beauty can be obvious as it is in her case, but it's also very subtle.  Her blue eyes, long blond hair, and body are obvious, but her expression and how she moves give her mysterious, subtle beauty.  I love looking for the subtle and quiet beauty in everyone and everything.  When I get tons of great images it's a challenge ...a fun challenge....but a challenge still the same.  What makes one image different from the next?  What makes one frame better than the other?  It's always the slightest little thing and in the end I have to just trust my gut!  So here is my meager selection of a wonderful shoot with a wonderful girl.  I wish YOU, Miss Alex..the greatest future and know that you will do what you do.... make greatness and beauty look easy!  xoxo - Omi
Makeup by: Averie Delgrosso

September 11, 2011


I just got my computer back from the shop.  I lost a hard drive.  Recovered the hard drive.  Installed a new hard drive and purchased a BRAND NEW imac and fixed 10th broken iphone screen!  YEAY ME! (thank you Tom Brown from the TOP, BOTTOM and SIDES of my meaty heart!)  I've been dying to post.  So much has happened.

These boys are the reason I think my daughter will have a thing for red heads.  ;-) So happy that Tia and Jody decided to do pictures before Jody became an active duty officer.

LOVE the Greene Family!