February 18, 2012


Post something already right!?  I'm fine.  I'm really doing. very. fine...I'm just having minor anxiety over my sad lonely blog.  I have too many shoots to post and have been trying to figure out how to transition from such an emotionally loaded post to...."hey it's Saturday...How you doin'?"  Since Saturday after Saturday have passed and I still haven't posted...mostly because the majority of this thinking is going on at 2am on Saturday....I'm committed to post a few lines in hope it will get me out of the posting paralysis.  

Happy February.  Really is it February?!  Anyone else freaked out about the non-winter we are having.  I'm worried it will be snowing in July at this point.

Okay...It's done!  I'm on my way to visit my dad who's visiting from Hawaii for a few days!

 Aloha oe!