April 21, 2012

Landon Anderson = EVERYWHERE

When I was shooting for Dance Teacher's April Cover, I spent two days watching and working with a handful of AMAZING dancers.  Magazines will usually give me a pretty specific idea of what they are looking for and then we get to work trying to make sure what I produce is in line with the Mags artistic directon.  Sometimes there is a person from the magazine with me and sometimes it's just me and my totally awesome assistants.  It's harder and funner than most of my jobs, because the challenge and expectations are both high, and not all my own.  And to be honest...98% of the time I'm positive I'm totally bombing.  REGARDLESS...It's fun to collaborate with others.  It's what I love most about photography.  
Because this was an article about BALLROOM dancing...and how it can be incorporated into ANY studio, we shot A LOT of ballroom dancing.  Which, I have NO PROBLEM doing.  I totally love it.  It's electric, sexy, and did I mention mesmerizing?  (In fact, OMI of parallel universe would only ballroom dance. EVER.) I literally watch these young boys and girls transform.  It's nothing short of magic.  
At the end of the two day project, we had finished up all the mandatory work and just needed to pack up and go.  This is easier said than done, because it does takes some effort to get the studio broken down.  So when we are all set up....If I see an opportunity to shoot for myself...YOU BET I take it.  
In walks Landon:  I was curiouse to see what "else" he could do....which I already knew was going to be great deal more than just ballroom.  
Poor guy....didn't know when I say "okay..ONE MORE and we're done"...we are just getting warmed up.  So sorry.  I really don't mean to be such a big, fat liar.  I'll post a few more of my favorites from this after shoot party later.   Peace.

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