July 11, 2012

DEREK JOLLEY...(if a cuter boy walks this earth..PROVE it!)

My dear friend hired me to shoot her son's graduation pictures...and in true "dear friend" style, we are deep into July before I finished up the simple job.  While we were shooting I was freaking out about how he kept looking like Zac Efron...and then Rob Lowe, and THEN some crazy better looking, part samoan version of them both.  Can you feel me or what?!!

I was telling my husband the other night after a shoot that it's almost like I don't really see people until I see them through my camera lens.  It sounds weird, but I honestly can spend hours or EVEN YEARS, looking at someone but when I actually shoot them, it can be like looking at a totally new person.  

We've watched this awesome kid grow up into an amazing young man, and honestly it's hard to believe how fast it's gone. 

So anyway Derek, best luck with your future in Modeling with Aberchrombie....and sweet stuff like that.  LOVE YOU....LOVE YOUR FAMILY...especially your awesome mom,who is one of the few women in this world I will call to pick me up and drive me to a random location just so I can ride in her sick car.  

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Omi for capturing Derek, he absolutely loved shooting with you! You are a gift to the camera, and to our family. You know I'd drive you anywhere! :) Love you and adore your family!