January 29, 2013

Family Goes to New York City 2012...with the kids

This wasn't our first trip to New York City...but it was just as exciting and fun as the first time.  We brought the kids, friends, sister, niece in-laws.  Did I miss anyone?

Worst part of the trip: 

Toys R Us....(ironically the kids favorite part.)
Letting the kids pick out a candy in Candy Land...and it took 2 hours for them to decide.
Eating fake Ray's pizza with the dirtiest hands in world...and not caring because I was so starving.
The subway door closing on Nick while carrying a sleeping Golden
(really. truly. worst. part)
Having to find a half way decent bathroom for Ryder every hour ALL DAY LONG
Washing all the socks and underpants by hand when we decided to go to Chicago instead of going home.

Best part of the trip:  

The hip hop pole dancing boys on the subway in Brooklyn.
Seeing the September 11th memorial.
The fake Ray's Pizza on Broadway
The Christmas tree in Rockafeller Square
Sleeping in the Hilton beds in Chicago that night
Walking Battery park
Time Square

Thanks for all the Memories Ruth, David, Mia, Mei, Ty and Mi Familia!

I heart NEW YORK....

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F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful pictures. I've always wanted to take a trip like this with my family. Someday! :)