February 28, 2013

Happy Birthday in Turks and Caicos

Winters in Utah are long, cold and did I mention LOOONG.  I'm a February born island girl that just happens to love everything about Utah BESIDES the freezing season.  We found a last minute miracle  deal online (I heart  you, Internet) and were able to take a 5 day eastern Caribbean family cruise 
for my birthday.
It was incredible and yet when people ask me how it went, I feel compelled to tell them about how sick I got.  It was a remarkable kind of sick that with all its misery could not ruin my cake day.  I decided if I was going to be sick, it might as well be on the most amazing beaches in creation.  
Nick wanted to go somewhere warm
with a beach,
but to be honest I didn't really see the point because
NEVER PUTS HIS HEAD under the water
NEVER likes to sit in the sun
This was a game changer.  Nick didn't get out of the water the all day.  He kept stealing the kids goggles and went exploring all on his own.  
It WAS that good.
The water was clearer, and bluer than any thing I'd ever seen... no..IMAGINED. The beaches were white and calm and stretched out forever.
We hired a boat to take us to an island where we fed and swam with wild sting rays.

ALL in ALL the VERRRY best family trip we have ever taken.
(even with two puking episodes (2/5 out of the family) and major sunburns)
The cruise was great and I still can't believe that places like Turks and Caicos really exist.  Sometimes pictures make things look better than they really look and sometimes they can't seem to capture how beautiful something really is.....( Probably the photographer.)   I just couldn't seem to get the images to show how breathtaking the islands are. 
I'm set until the sun finds it's way back to us.
I'm one year older.  
A little wiser.
and so full of gratitude for my wonderful family.
I KNOW time doesn't stop, or slow down.
There is a need to live now or not at all.
Life is good.
Here's to another one!