September 25, 2013

Brown Family 2013

The Browns were our neighbors a life time ago in Hawaii.  
We lived in a special world that I don't know we'll ever find again.  
Our neighbors were our family and our family was huge.  
We lived and breathed the same experiences: 

school, tests, bills, beaches, babies, and broken down cars.  

My life has been full of these happy little lifetimes, 
but none that make me as homesick as
our years in Laie.  

10 years later we all have new experiences:

 missions,  football stars, beautiful daughters, new careers.....


we are one big family,
 spread across the world 
ready to pick up where we left off,
 help one another, and cheer each other on. 

We love you proud of your little family.

Thank you for asking me to be apart of these new experiences.

September 23, 2013

BRYCE and MADISON = Engaged

Beautiful a beautiful place.  Love the person you've grown up to be Bryce and I'm so glad you found Maddie to make you happy!  Love has many looks...but you know it when you see it.  Welcome to the family Maddie!

Mullins Family 2013

I have 3 blood sisters, in this world
only 1
BIG sister. 

Everyone should have a big sister. 

I grew up sneaking things from her room.

...Wishing I was her

..annoying the pants off of her..

(...which I promptly borrowed without asking.)

She's the only person who has ever: 

1) slapped someone defending me

2) taken a spanking for me 


3) answers my calls at 3:46am any night of the year without question

When I returned from living in South America 

I moved to Chicago 
(to live near her and my mom)

She gave me a soft landing spot to heal my broken heart and un-weird myself.
(which is a lot like unwiring yourself, but not as fun..)

THIS is her family. 

8 years ago...they finally left Chicago and came home to the mother land



Now I can't imagine how we lived so long without them.



This is my second time shooting Lauren....and even in a short years time I can see her growth in spirit and beauty.  Just like so many of the talented dancers I am so lucky to work with......Lauren is on her way to an amazing future of bright lights and big cities!  Can't wait to see what this years brings to your door!  BEST OF LUCK LAUREN!!


Zach has become and extended part of our always-extending family.  We've watched him grow into a handsome, wonderful kid.....and now we are watching him become man, and a soldier.  We love you Zach, and we will keep you in our hearts and prayers.