October 4, 2013

Not Your Everyday Impossible Possibilites....Kellen + Shelli

Two years ago Nick and I were awoken in the middle of the night with the call no one ever wants. It was our bishop informing us that our friend, and neighbor Shelli had just been in a critical accident on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  Knowing we still had friends and family in the area, he pleaded with us to contact them, and ask them to be on standby for our dear beautiful Shelli, her husband and her children.   The outlook was bleak and we did not know what the future held.  

The entire terrifying and miraculous account can be read here.  (please read) Needless to say, many prayers were answered and in absolute tangible way that I will NEVER forget.  

We sold our home shortly after she came out of the coma and made it back to Utah.  A year later we ran into Shelli and her husband Steve, at a restaurant.  We happened to be saddled with 6 kids (our three and my three nieces).  They commented on all the kids and their hopes and worries of having a child together.  Her body was still mending and they didn't even know if it was a possibility now. 

Fast forward .....to present.  This beautiful child is her son Kellen.  He's about to reach his first birthday. Shelli asked me to take some pictures of him for her.  We both cried.......me because of how lucky I felt to be in that moment with her....how impossible it all was.  Shelli, because of the love she has for this boy, and her gratitude for ANY kindness and compassion shown toward her.  

Here in front of me was a real life miracle....still struggling to heal, fighting to find herself, still full of pain, full of gratitude,..... still beautiful.  I wanted to take her burdens away....any tiny piece of them.  I wanted to tell her to NEVER apologize to me again about ANYTHING she does or even the things she cannot do.   She is a blessing in our lives....a physical reminder of what IS possible, a reminder that God DOES the IMPOSSIBLE.  

I love you Miss Shelli.  Smile, and remember you're an amazing, beautiful woman and an even more incredible Mother.  Happy Birthday my boy!  Here's to many many more!